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Build your affiliate career


BitAeon is not only an online investment platform - we are a community. As a community we care about our members and provide them with an opportunity to create their own careers. We believe that the best way to grow as a community is through helping our members achieve new heights and goals. In addition to earning from investments we have developed a multi level referral system that can be used to gain additional income. All our members are automatically open to participate in our “Affiliate career” program and be highly rewarded for their dedication and support.

How does it work?

After registration you will receive your own personal referral link. Use this link in your promotional campaigns on social networks, blogs, forums etc. Invite new members to join our program.

When someone registers using your referral link they will be automatically added to your affiliate network. From that point on whenever they make a deposit you will be instantly credited with a affiliate commission.

Progressive affiliate rate

Basic affiliate

By becoming a member of you automatically gain access to our Affiliate career program. As a Basic affiliate you will earn 5% affiliate commission from direct referrals and additional 1% commission from the first 3 levels of your passive referrals.
Direct referral - a member who is directly linked with you in the affiliate system (*registered using your referral link).
Passive referral - a member who is un-directly linked with you in the affiliate system (*a referral of your referrals).

The more affiliates you gain the more you will earn. When you reach a required amount of attracted funds you will level-up and gain higher rank. Each new rank comes with multiple rewards ranging from: Increased direct referral commission and additional passive referral levels to bonus payments. You can learn more about all the rewards and requirements below.

Total commission
Funds attracted
Access to the Affiliate career
0.5 BTC
Funds attracted
+1% direct commission
1.0 BTC
Funds attracted
+1% direct commission
+1 additional passive level
5.0 BTC
Funds attracted
+1% direct commission
+0.1BTC bonus
10.0 BTC
Funds attracted
+1% direct commission
+1 additional passive level
50.0 BTC
Funds attracted
+1% direct commission
+1.0BTC bonus
Become an Official representative

Receive a boost for your Affiliate career by applying for the Official representative status. Our representatives automatically receive the Silver affiliate rank. This means that the direct affiliate commission is increased to 7% and additional level (4 levels in total) for the 1% passive referral commission is unlocked.
Becoming a representative comes with additional responsibilities towards our company that must be fulfilled at all times. To learn more and apply for the representative status contact us via E-Mail:

Official Representative